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PDA Non-Profit Legal Aid Service Teams

  Mission: Provide high-quality, accessible legal services to low-income and marginalized individuals.
  Vision: Equal access to justice for all, with empowered communities through legal education and systemic advocacy.
  1. Legal Representation: Free or low-cost legal representation in civil and criminal matters.
  2. Legal Education: Community programs on legal rights and responsibilities.
  3. Advocacy: Push for systemic legal and social reforms.
  4. Support Services: Holistic services including social and mental health support.
  • Board of Directors: Oversee strategy and governance.
  • Executive Team: Manage daily operations.
  • Legal Staff: Attorneys, paralegals, and assistants.
  • Support Staff: Social workers and administrative staff.
  • Volunteers: Pro bono attorneys and community volunteers.
  1. Civil Legal Services: Housing, family law, immigration, public benefits, and employment law.
  2. Criminal Legal Services: Defense, expungement, and reentry support.
  3. Community Education: Legal clinics, "Know Your Rights" campaigns, and partnerships.
  4. Advocacy: Legislative advocacy and impact litigation.
  • Sources: Grants, donations, partnerships, and pro bono contributions.
  • Sustainability: Diverse funding, community engagement, and operational efficiency.
  • Measurement: Assess services through client feedback and case outcomes.
  • Improvement: Refine services based on data and feedback.
  This streamlined structure ensures effective, equitable legal support for underserved communities.
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